Control ICOM Rigs from Android SmartPhone.

7M4MON 12,May,2011
Japanese version.

I got a Android (Version 2.2) phone, HTC Aria. This phone supports Bluetooth SPP profile.
So, I thought it is possible to control transiever from my phone.


1.1 Get Bletooth SPP module.

I used SBT1-T-S by szparts.

1.2 Make CI-V interface.

Please refer these schematic.

1.3 Connect your CI-V interface to "remote" of your tranciever.


2.1 Please install my application "RS-BT" from Android Marcket.(discontinued)

This application used codes of android sample application. (BluetoothChat)
That was Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

2.2 Connect your interface from " MENU - Connect a device".

If you used "SBT1-T-S", the device may be named "BTCOM-SPPB".

2.3 Select your tranciever from model Spin.

If you can't find your tranciever's name, don't worry, you can change CI-V address of your tranciever.
Please refer to manual of your tranciever.

Now, you can control your tranciever from android !
Change freqency, mode, and RX/TX