7M4MON 2012/11/07

LXIroid is an application to act as an insturment.

This application makes SocketServer.
When server received command from socket client, it returns some string.

Screen shot is here.

*IDN? : model name,  ACC? : Acceleration sensor, MAG? : Geomagnetic sensor, LIT? : Illuminance sensor,
VIB1 : vibrate on, VIB0 : vibrate off, BEEP : beep, TNxx : play sound (tone).

This movie shows Pocket Computer (PC-G850) controls Galaxy Tab SC-01C.

Pocket Computer was installed the  G850 Terminal. connected to Galaxy Tab with Lantronix XPORT 04R (SocketClient mode).

You can also add LXIroid to Agilent IO Library as an insturment.

1. Add Instrument

2. Add Address, Use IP Address, Socket, *IDN query

3. added

4. Interactive IO

You can use VISA COM. Sample program is here.

So, What is good for ?